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So many leaders


As a person that lives inside the terminal(and linux in general), I have to use a lot of prefixes(or leaders).

I use regolith as my window manager, which is a tiling window manager that is based on i3. Regolith uses the Super key as the main prefix. You can do all sort of things with it, like moving windows, resizing them, opening applications, etc.

Then my workflow usually involves opening a terminal, which I have configured to start tmux automatically. Tmux uses Ctrl+b as the main prefix. With it, I manage my terminal sessions, split the terminal, switch between windows, etc.

When I want to quickly edit a file, I use neovim. I use the Space key as the main prefix. After pressing it, I have to remember all the myriad of keybindings that I have configured.

While writing this, I realized that I also use a lot of shortcuts of my own, for various custom OS functionality. I guess I could create another prefix to namespace them as well.

Oh well, I guess I will have to live with it.